Thursday, November 26, 2015

Knitting Looms (part 1 of 2)

Knitting is an old art form which has regained popularity in recent times, so is the case with the knitting looms. Knitting on looms is much easier than knitting on needles. Various manufactures produce knitting looms that can be used by knitter at home. These are easy and convenient items that help to make knitting interesting. These knitting looms range from, plastic looms to the heavy duty wooden looms.

The knitting looms available in the market, belong to the various shapes and sizes, including round, oval and rectangular. You can also buy looms in shapes like butterfly, which are helpful in creating knots and crochets. Various brands have launched fun filled looms which glow in the dark. These knitting looms are helpful when you want to work while watching TV or in a dimly lit room.

Parents can gift child knitting loom sets to their children on birthdays. The child set includes a set of four plastic looms, with all the instructions, all the possible steps are taken for the safety of the children. But it is advised that these looms are not for the children below 5 years of age.

By gifting your toddlers a set of knitting looms you can inculcate and develop this art at an early age. It is also said that knitting is a very good recreational activity. These looms can also be used for worsted and bulky yarns.

A round knitting loom can be used to create tubular objects like hats, wrist warmers and so on. The round knitting looms come in single rake or double rake, i.e. it has a single row of pegs or a double row. A single row loom can be used to create objects with one right side and a wrong side. While the double peg loom is used to create a garment that can be used both the ways. You can easily make tube scarves, golf covers, stockings and much more using these looms.

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