Monday, November 16, 2015

Readership Interests Covered by Magazine Publishing (part 2 of 2)
Scholarly or academic magazines

- Present information focusing on the educational, investigative and scientific.

- Articles are written by professors, scholars, and specialists or researchers in different fields of learning.

- They are often issued less frequently than any other kinds of publications.

- There is little or no advertising present at all.

- Format used in disseminating information is in a serious fashion, bordering on the textbook form.

Trade or professional magazines

- Published for a specific readership such as company managers, businessmen and others in the field of trade and industry.

- Usually not available to the general reader; distribution for some publications is strictly through subscription.

- Most articles are written by specialists or consultants.

- Mostly issued weekly or monthly to enable the readership to catch up with the fast changes in their field.

News magazines

- Commonly distributed on a weekly basis to keep the readers abreast with news and current events.

- Provide the readership with a singular source of news and other topics that are in demand for the time being.

- Articles they carry are written by editors, journalists and other subject experts.

Give more in-depth and detailed information regarding the context surrounding the significant events in the society, as contrasted to a newspaper.

Sensational magazines

- Inclined to creating a stir or controversy.

- Designed for attracting the attention of readership; brandishing flashy and intriguing headlines.

- Often carrying stories about celebrities and other articles that stir the curiosity of the readers.

- There are usually more pictures in them than written stories.

Magazine publishing still remains as one of the most effective means of distributing information. With varied readership, it comes as no surprise that almost every possible human interest is covered.

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